cozy living roomAs Texans we don’t always get what many think of as a cold winter. However, when it does get cold there are a few basics we tend to fall back on to stay warm: blankets, warm clothes, turning on the heater, a toasty fire, and hot food and drinks.

These are great, but sometimes we need a little more warmth on those extra chilly days. Plan according to your day and what you have planned. Will you be indoors or outdoors?

While indoors you don’t always have to crank up the heat which also cranks up your heating bill. Instead, try these simple tips:

  • Open your window dressings: During the day open your curtains and blinds to let in heat from the sun.
  • Lay down rugs: Adding rugs to the floor can help to insulate the room and keep in the heat.
  • Change your bed linens: Flannel sheets and piling on the blankets is a good place to start. A heating blanket is always nice.
  • Cover your feet and head: Heat escapes from our extremities first. Pull on a pair of nice woolen socks and a hat if you are extra chilly.
  • Snuggle and get cozy: If you are just lounging about the house get a fire going, a warm meal cooking, a hot drink, and a loved one and snuggle under some blankets.
  • Help your heater be more efficient: Change your air filters regularly, get your A/C & Heating unit serviced, and keep all obstructions, such as snow, ice, or fallen limbs off the outdoor unit.

Part 2 of tips to stay warm in cold weather coming soon!


Tips to Stay Warm in Cold Weather
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