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It only takes two visits a year to ensure that your air conditioning and heating systems are running at their full potential. Your membership guarantees appointments and provides valuable FREE services and discounts on repairs. Regular service of your equipment saves energy costs and extends the life of your system.

What’s in it for me?

As a Diamond Club member, you will receive semi-annual service on your air conditioning and heating system and a 20% discount on future repairs. Regular service of your equipment saves energy costs and extends the life of your system.

Here’s How You Will Benefit From Our Diamond Club Membership:

  • Our People:

    You will be served by the best trained technicians caring for you and your home with precision, craftsmanship, and a polite and positive attitude.

  • Save Energy and Lower Your Utility Bills:

    As much as half the energy used in your home goes towards heating and cooling. Diamond Air provides an unparalleled super tune-up that helps your system use less energy and lower your utility bills!

  • Gas Furnace Safety:

    If you have a gas furnace, it may release some carbon monoxide into your home. According to the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, having a qualified professional measure your carbon monoxide levels is necessary for the safety of you and your family. Diamond Air uses only the best and most up-to-date tools when testing for carbon monoxide.

  • Fewer Repairs:

    Diamond Air will recommend any needed repairs when we service your A/C and Furnace. Proper  maintenance of your equipment will promote longevity and give you peace of mind that reliable professionals are extending the life of your Furnace and A/C system.

  • Fresh Air:

    You will breathe cleaner, fresher air, because we check the ductwork for leaks with every tune-up: thus reducing dust particulates in your home. Routine Maintenance: You don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule your tune-ups; we will remind you!


$14.95 /month or $189/year

  • Mechanical System
    This is a complete inspection service of all moving and electrical components in your system.
  • Safety System

    This is a complete inspection service of all safeties in your system such as combustion/ignition/venting as well as power protection components.

  • Performance System

    This is a service that will test the overall efficiency of your system, including the refrigerant, air flow and combustion system for maximum performance.

***Repairs not covered by club membership: Compressors, heat exchangers, ICM motors, system rejuvenation, deteriorated coils, duct replacement and duct cleaning.
Consumable items not included: filters, UV bulbs, surge protectors.

Download the application here —–>>> Club Membership Application