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   At Diamond Air we strive to leave every one of our customers feeling like they are the most important part of our business- because they are! Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We are a family owned company and we pride ourselves on making our customers feel like family. Below are testimonials from some of our loyal “family”  members. Feel free to submit  your own at the bottom of this page!


Thank you,

Ben & Krista Moreno, Owners

No one else had an opening for that day. I've had 3 different repair people out to find why i wasn't getting heat and Kendall found my breaker was melted and broke. A great company that knows their business.

A. Wilkinson    Seguin, TX   

Tino was very prompt and professional. He took the time to explain everything. He did not try to upsell us on services we didn't need. I would recommend Diamond Air. They are prompt, professional and fair.

R. & T. Bennett    Seguin, TX   

Quick and on-time service. I would recommend them to others.

L. Jenke    Seguin, TX   

We were referred from our satisfied neighbor. You impressed us as well being on time for the appointment, courteous and informative about the work done.

A. Gibson    Seguin, TX   

Your goal to improve my total system impressed me.

M. Roecker    Kingsbury, TX   

Diamond Air was well recommended. They are up front with ALL things!

E. Pullin    Seguin, TX   

We chose Diamond Air because of their great customer service and price quote. They are prompt, professional and courteous.

Palmer Mortuary    Seguin, TX   

I would highly recommend Diamond Air! They are very professional with same day service, fast and very detailed.

A. Brock    Seguin, TX   

Mr. Moreno provided us with wonderful service before. They are polite, honest and reasonable, on time, and great price.

W. & T. Wieding    Seguin, TX   

We are customers of Diamond Air and did not hesitate to call them. Excellent service, we knew we needed a bigger unit and that was one of the items they mentioned right away, and put in an extra air flow which was needed. All you have to do is contact them, talk to them, and you are sold.

D & C Wileman    Seguin, Tx   

We have been Club Members with Diamond Air since July, 2008 and they have always given us good, dependable service on a system they didn't install. What really impressed us was
1. Spring/Fall reminder notices to call and schedule a seasonal maintenance for cooling/heating.
2. Their professionalism and care while working inside and outside your home.
3. Their attention to detail and making sure the systems are working properly.
4. Giving thorough instructions for operating the systems and ensuring you are satisfied with the job.
I would highly recommend them to anyone.

S. & G. Jones    Seguin, TX   

Your technicians were friendly and courteous.

M. Arce    Seguin, TX   

Very Professional - Well Trained - Resolved our problem quickly, Very Important! Can't go wrong with Diamond Air, great service.

S. Koelle    Seguin, TX   

You were here on time and very neat!

G. Schievelbein    Seguin, TX   

From speaking on the phone to the technicians appearance to the quality of work, everything was excellent.

M. Flores    Seguin, TX   

I was really impressed with Diamond Air as they were on time and followed through.

J. Hudson    Seguin, TX   

Pleasant, neat, and excellent service.

D. & S. Pena    Seguin, TX   

Diamond Air really impressed me. They were friendly, I didn't have to be on site while they were working, and you also worked with me on the payments.

J. White    Kenedy, TX   

I would recommend Diamond Air to anyone considering them and say, " You'll love it and their service!"

L. Valenzuela    Seguin, TX   

Diamond Air is my usual choice to handle A/C & Heating needs. They give prompt attention and I think anyone would be satisfied with their service.

Dr. J. Lee    Seguin, TX   

Very knowledgeable and up front with everything. Was able to come out next day and fixed the day after!

M. Luna    Seguin, TX   

They were very pleasant and easy to talk to. Keep it up!

F. Hernandez    Seguin, TX   

I loved the honesty and that there were no hidden surprises.

S. Reyes    Seguin, TX   

They were fair and treated me with dignity as a person, not just a number.

B. Ybarra    Seguin, TX   

The technicians are very professional. Diamond Air is a good choice!

M. Chanek    Seguin, TX   

The professionalism of Ben and his employees was great! Thank you!

J. Rios    Seguin, TX   

Diamond Air is the best - offering efficient, professional and personal service.

S. Gravitt    Seguin, TX   

I highly recommend Diamond Air for product selection, attention to all facets of equipment replacement, and their dedicated staff.

V. Higle    Seguin, TX   

I appreciate you! God Bless.

D. Thomas    Seguin, TX   

Your technician talked to me very clearly, not over me, explained everything in great detail and left no doubt.

S. McMurren    Seguin, TX   

Responsiveness was excellent, very customer oriented.

C. Williams    Seguin, TX   

The time taken to explain problems, potential problems and solutions was greatly appreciated!

J. Linden    Seguin, TX   

Ben's friendly service is a reminder of why we want to move back to Texas! Thank you!!!

S. Sharp    Seguin, TX   

I really appreciated the pleasant attitude and neatness.

A. Melton    Seguin, TX   

They Waived the diagnostic fee after I described the problem and it was fixed!

M. Scheie    Seguin, TX   

Your techs are on time and very knowledgeable.

I. Jimenez    Seguin, TX   

Thank you for your hard work and great service!

L. Aufderharr    Seguin, TX   

Excellent service, worked fast and did a great job!

M. Macias    Seguin, TX   

You answer your calls right away!

M. Kriegel    Seguin, TX   

there was no hard sell on anything. It's appreciated!

C. Forbis    S   

Ben thoroughly explained what he was doing, checking and what he found.

R. Castillo    Seguin, TX   

you went above and beyond the call of fixing my air conditioning problems. I have and will recommend your services to others! Thank you!

V. Duncan    Seguin, TX   

Thank you so much for all of your kindness it was greatly appreciated!

M. Lopez    Seguin, TX   

Ben's smile eases your mind.

Curves    Seguin, TX   

Very satisfied with everything. Technician was very pleasant.

A. Davis    Seguin, TX   

Clean and Prompt! Very excellent service!! Thank you!

R. DeLa Garza    Seguin, TX   

Dear Ben,
I want to thank you for your wonderful service and the cheerful manner that goes along with it. I don't know how you did it. Thanks for everything!

K. Blumburg    Seguin, TX   

Dear Ben and Crew,
Thank you so much for all the little extras you do for me. I am so happy you moved the thermostat. at least now it will cycle on and off. Thanks for fixing the wire. I hope I am not too much trouble.

B. Owings    Seguin, TX   

Very professional!! You have happy employees!!!

H. Currlin    Seguin, TX   

I liked the shoe covers and how your technician left the house neat and clean. You are the only service company I have had out that wore shoe covers. My carpet has been soiled many times.

J. Miller    Seguin, TX   

Diamond Air is a customer of our business, so we were familiar with their employees. Kendall made sure the system was working to our satisfaction, and didn't leave until that was done. He was also considerate of the fact that my wife works from home and tried not to disturb her. I highly recommend Diamond Air and its employees.

J. Purvis    Seguin TX   

Technician was on time and I was very pleased with the service.

T. Brooks    Seguin, TX   

Kendall was so efficient, polite, answered all questions; on time for appointment- service in one day! I would recommend Diamond Air, I believe in doing business with local people if the service is good.

N. Scales    Seguin TX   

Your technician was awesome!

M. Carreon    Seguin, TX   

Previous service company was not thorough with service plan. Had other referrals for Diamond Air. More detailed trouble shooting, inspection and suggestions for improving the system(s).

M. Krueger    Seguin TX   

The service was excellent! We have recommended you to several friends already. With the techs you have you can't go wrong. Thank you!

D. Campos    Seguin, TX   

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